Join Bangkok’s hep cats for a roarin’ night out!
Diga Diga Doo returns to Chinatown for an unforgettable evening of live music, dancing, spectacular shows and more.

Shine your shoes, set your hair and step inside a gorgeous 1930s ballroom to be whisked back to the age of jazz, swing and style. Dance the night away with the well-dressed crowd, and prepare to be enchanted as we revive a bygone era of elegance and chivalry.

Jump and jive your way around the dancefloor to a big band swing soundtrack, led by New York’s legendary pianist, Gordon Webster and be wowed by electrifying performances by some of the world’s best jazz and swing dancers.


Witness our








A prohibition-era palace awaits you down in Chinatown.


Like all glamourous ladies, the Shanghai Mansion hotel has a fascinating past.
Once a popular opera house frequented by the Royal Family of Thailand, it later became a textile trading house as love for the art dwindled. For a time, the Mansion housed one of Bangkok’s most famous fashion stores and Chinese herbal medicine shops. Finally in 2005, its potential for beauty and elegance was recognized again and at last it was revived and transformed into a stunning, 1930s-style hotel, complete with palatial ballroom, which awaits you.




3 Nights of parties

6 hours of workshops

*4 hours Lindy Adv. or Lindy Int. or Solo Jazz
+ 2 hours of your choice



3 Nights of parties

4 hours of workshops

*2 hours of Open Lindy Hop Class
+ 1 hours of Solo Jazz
+ 1 hours of your choice



3 Nights of parties


Welcome party @ Glowfish (Sathorn)
Diga Diga Doo @ Shanghai Mansion


Aerial Classes is at an extra class cost 2h-1000THB/person, not included into pass, PARTNER REQUIRED.

Registration opens on
June 11th at 12pm
After the payment is complete
the participants will get
the registration link to google forms
where they will be able to
choose their open classes
10 people
At least 4 leaders
A group leader
For Full Pass only
(Including solo jazz)



Strictly Lindy Hop Couples

The Lindy Rumble

Step up to the challenge and showcase your skills as a

Lindy Hop couple. Compete in four thrilling rounds,

culminating in the grand finale.

Tempo: 180-220 bpm

Solo Jazz in Couple

Diga Duo

This unique competition blends solo jazz dancing with

partner interactions. Perform in couples, highlighting

your individual solo jazz movements while

incorporating partner connections.

Tempo: 180-220 bpm

🏆 The winners will receive amazing rewards! More Details? Please visit: https://web.facebook.com/DigaDigaDooBKK

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lindy Hop Adv?

Designed for experienced dancers, who are able to play with rhythms, and keep the overall flow of the dance at a high level. Dancers should be comfortable with faster tempos, rhythm variations, and personal interpretations. The focus is to explore and expand rhythmical musicality, creativity, personal style, and connection with a partner.

What is Lindy Hop Int?

Lindy Hop Intermediate Level, Designed for dancers with a few years of experience, this level focuses on enhancing skills in Lindy Hop. Dancers are already familiar with basic rhythms, patterns, and lead/follow techniques. The emphasis is on refining execution, developing a rhythmic flow with the music, and incorporating musicality into movement. Dancers will learn some variations, explore different tempos, and develop a deeper connection with their partner and the music.

How can I purchase group tickets?

You need to form a group of 10 people, with at least 4 Leaders, and assign a leader who can provide all the information for the ticket purchase.

Are the group tickets only for Full pass?

Yes, group tickets are only available for Full pass. For other types of tickets, you need to purchase them individually.

Is there a discount for group tickets?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount for group tickets. You need to buy 10 tickets in one transaction.

If I choose Solo jazz in the group ticket, am I a Leader or a Follower?

Solo jazz counts as a Leader slot in the group ticket.

Can I purchase Open Class and Add-on class separately?

Open class does not have a separate ticket option. You can purchase Add-on class separately if you have a fixed partner.

Can I get my money back if I cancel my ticket?

Sorry, we do not offer refunds. However, you can transfer your ticket to another dancer.

If we purchase the aerial class, would that count as the “2 hrs of your choice” in the full pass?

Aerial is an additional class. You will purchase it separately. If you have a full pass you still have 2 open classes on Saturday.

Can I buy more open classes?

No, you get only 2 classes with Full Pass and only 1 class with Half Pass.

Can I buy Friday social party with the Party Pass?

No, the Friday party is at The Hop and tickets are limited due to the space limitation. Unfortunately, only Full pass and Half pass participants can get excess to the Friday party.

What level of Lindy hop in Half Pass track?

Half Pass track is intermediate level. But you may attend only Half Pass track classes or open classes. You cannot join Full Pass Lindy Hop Intermediate classes.

Will there be level testing for Lindy Hop advanced track?

No level testing/prelims for classes.

Can I buy an aerial workshop if I don’t have any pass?

No. The aerial workshop is an add-on for the festival participants only.